Creating commercial fabric from concept to market goes though many steps and usually takes about one year to complete. Today, Anna Fishkin who works with Red Rooster Fabrics in New York City, and coordinates my fabric line, got the first strike-offs from Japan. My designs are hard to replicate in commercial fabric because of the nuance of color blending and shifting. However, these turned out great. Usually we may have to go back and forth two or three times before we sign off on the strike-offs and go into production. 

The good news is that instead of these being released in January 2012, they will most likely be ready for shops to see at Fall Market at the end of October and hitting quilt shops by February or March 2012! Whoo-hoo! If you like these crazy fabrics, what would you make?

Oh - and don't forget to leave your "whoo-hoo for Monika" in the comments.

The work progresses on the remodel converting an oversized two-car garage into my new sewing room and workspace. Obstacles are never fun, but somehow we have to try to learn from them. Two problems crop up and the project is just getting underway.

My initial response to the poll on the right was to create a small version for you to make! Don't worry - I WILL finish the Night on Bald Mountain quilt. I figured since most folks liked it, they might like to try it. Spooky Tree (20" x 25") was my answer to an assignment to make something fun for the October 2011 issue of The Quilt Life magazine.

The sky and tree fabric were created just for this kit. The kit includes all the fabric for the top and borders. The pattern comes with a variety of tree faces, but you might create one of your own. And, when you do, don't forget to send me a picture! 

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Here's a video from the first day of demolition. The garage is being totally gutted. Today we begin to suspect problems with the floor. I'm off to Denmark so it will be a while before i can provide any updates. Your ideas and comments about what to include in the new studio have been amazing. Thanks

Well, I'm embarking on a remodel that will convert an oversized, two-car garage into a quilting studio and office space. What suggestions do you have for things I MUST be sure to include to keep me better organized?

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