feather flower

Here is a little quilt that I made last night. It measures 12.5" x 15.5". It is made from my hand-dyed fabrics. The applique is stitched with the double-blanket stitch (which I love) and the rest is "caveman" pieced - which means it is improvisational. The "fringe" around the petals is free-motion bobbin embroidery done with Razzle Dazzle thread.

This quilt is headed to Houston for the IQA mini-quilt silent auction. So, if you are going and are interested, this quilt could be yours!

Originally I was working on a different project, but this one just called my name. I guess that's my prerogative. Do you ever change your mind mid-stream?


It could be called a Quilt Show to Go or a Road Trip Show n' Tell but I call it Drive-by Quiltings because it happens as quick as a hit and run. Anyone following my travel schedule (on my Facebook page) and living near my travel path can attempt to join the Drive-by Quilting Club. It all started as a fluke but it has turned into an outrageous adventure. Click here to learn how it works and to read the full stories of each drive-by quilting. Yes, this proves quilters are dedicated, fun and insane. But then again, we already knew that!



Hurricane punch

Earl who? What hurricane party? Our experience on the Cape with "hurricane" Earl was more like a Sunday picnic - and thank goodness, I know it could have been worse.

It takes about two years to pull off a super quilt seminar. The fact that Earl was threatening to spoil it all was not pleasant on sooooo many levels! However, even with that threat breathing down our necks, the seminar started and only about 10 of our 360 or so failed to show up. Quilters will not be deterred. 

Friday night, just a couple of hours before the brunt of Earl's bad breath arrived, Alex, John, Libby, Pat, Justin and I went to the harbor for a seafood feast. By the time we were leaving there was a breeze and a few drops of rain.

Once back at the hotel the rain started and we witnessed some gusty winds through the night, but NOTHING like what it could have been. The news crews had to really struggle to find a place that would look dramatic enough to keep viewers paying attention to their reports. We never lost power and honestly, we have way worse winds in La Veta on a regular basis. So Earl was simply more of an annoyance before he got to the Cape than he was when he arrived. Earl became a Pearl. 

One visitor saw T-shirts already, "I survived Earl, but then again, my hair dryer blows harder!"

We are now doing the four day drive home to Colorado. If you are on I78 and I70 as we head west - contact me for a drive-by quilting!


From the most recent reports this morning, the far east Cape and Nantucket will be the worst of the storm. They are expecting 2" to 4" of rain and hurricane force gusts there. We will end our seminar at 5pm or before. The storm is expected to cause the worst fury between 9pm and 2am.

The story for Hyannis is a bit less dramatic. We are expecting 1" to 2" of rain and winds from 30mph to 40mph with gusts a bit stronger.

My concert has been absorbed into the regular sessions so that will not happen tonight. Tomorrow we will start at 10am - an hour an a half later than normal - so those off the cape can manage to get here without frustration.

Of course, the story could change minute by minute, but the analysis has improved from yesterday afternoon. 


We have been watching and all indications show Earl arriving Friday evening and blowing his "Earl-lite" bad breath around during the night hours on Friday and wee hours of Saturday morning. We begin setup this morning and the first sessions start today. It is possible that there may be some alterations to the schedule, but as for now - the seminar is not cancelled and the hearty New Englanders continue to arrive for the event.


Notice my new shirt!

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