Here's my new little quilt. It came about as a result of a hand-dyed mono-print sample I made while teaching mono-prints in a dye class. After the sample was washed I found it intriguing and after looking at it for a few days I began seeing it as a background for a village of teepees with smoke rising. I had many suggestions as to what to name this quilt. In the end, I researched Native American words. The name Awendela means "daylight" or "morning." Since I have had teepees on my mind (see previous posts) it should be obvious why this quilt was born. It's not earth-shattering, but it was fun to make.


Now that Little Bear has been revealed, there is still a bit of mystery about Big Bear. Some of you have guessed it to be a medicine hut or a sweat lodge. This video shows a new element - the fire pit - being built. Stay tuned.


mesa verdeThe cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde are amazing - no doubt about it. The ancient Puebloans thrived in these magnificent dwellings. In time, they dispersed but their heritage lives on in several Puebloan cultures today. The cliff dwelling image is Cliff Palace, the largest of the dwellings in Mesa Verde. I was thrilled to be able to take this photo before tours began so I didn't have to dodge tourists in the photos.

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