While sorting through scraps of fabric I found a piece that spoke to me as a mysterious sky. I quickly cut out a tree shape from red fabric. That sparked my imagination and led me down a path inspired by the famous tone poem by Modest Mussorgsky,  Night on Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain 01
I didn't get a photo of the very start, but here is what the quilt looked like after a few hours of playing.

Bald Mountain 02
The tree needed to come to life so a face was added.

Bald Mountain 03
The music is complex and I felt the quilt wasn't fully telling the story so I continued to improvise and add more - working upon the framework and themes already established.

Bald Mountain 04
Another full day of playing around has the quilt in this current stage. I'm not really sure why this has turned into a fantasy cartoon. I've got a few ideas of what will happen next so there's still more to come. Stay tuned.


Libby Lehman, well-known goddess of threadplay, has a new DVD coming out in October.Libby Lehman's A Day of Threadplay (produced by Ricky Tims Inc.) is sure to help you improve your score. The DVD contains three of her most sought-after techniques: Potluck Applique, Sheer Ribbon Illusion, and Sheer Thread Play. Learn Coach Libby's techniques and get your next quilt in the winner's circle.

The DVD will soon be available right here at www.rickytims.com and quilt stores everywhere. Look for it mid-late October!

colorful rhap 01A new project was started today. Even with a few interruptions I got pretty far along. The center applique still needs to be cut out and fused, but the applique shown in this photo is ready for double blanket stitching. It is about 45" square. Nite nite.


feather flower

Here is a little quilt that I made last night. It measures 12.5" x 15.5". It is made from my hand-dyed fabrics. The applique is stitched with the double-blanket stitch (which I love) and the rest is "caveman" pieced - which means it is improvisational. The "fringe" around the petals is free-motion bobbin embroidery done with Razzle Dazzle thread.

This quilt is headed to Houston for the IQA mini-quilt silent auction. So, if you are going and are interested, this quilt could be yours!

Originally I was working on a different project, but this one just called my name. I guess that's my prerogative. Do you ever change your mind mid-stream?


It could be called a Quilt Show to Go or a Road Trip Show n' Tell but I call it Drive-by Quiltings because it happens as quick as a hit and run. Anyone following my travel schedule (on my Facebook page) and living near my travel path can attempt to join the Drive-by Quilting Club. It all started as a fluke but it has turned into an outrageous adventure. Click here to learn how it works and to read the full stories of each drive-by quilting. Yes, this proves quilters are dedicated, fun and insane. But then again, we already knew that!



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