We are having a great time at the La Veta Quilt Retreat and have reached the half-way mark. Each student finished this sentence.
"So far this week I have learned...?"

...that two boxes of Kleenex are better than one and you can learn a lot by listening. - Marion

...that an opinion is an opinion  - it's not right or wrong. - Jo

...that I have been exposed to an open, relaxing, creative atmosphere - and did I mention supportive? - Carolyn

...a great way to do blanket stitch around corners and curves! - Jill

...not to worry about how long something takes but to enjoy the process. - Myrna

...how to join fabrics in a wavy line and that I like my groove and am happy to be in it. - Karen

...to start a quilt "just putting it up there' - "Inspiration comes by doing!" - Wynn

...that while creativity is a process that can be complex, Ricky will show me the way, and my heart will guide me over the rocky parts. - Sharon

...to get rid of my fears - my inadequacy - and lack of knowledge. - Wendy

What have you learned - even if you weren't at the retreat?

I LOVE when I get to be home teaching retreats for a week. There are usually a few returning students who I've come to know and love in addition to the new students that I get to watch blossom. Today is the first of five days and already we are seeing and exposion of creativity. The photo above only shows a bit of what's unfolding and I look forward to the end of the week when we see the projects completed or closer to completion.

We have nine students this week. If you like, I'll share more of the classes progress. If you would like to know about the La Veta Quilt Retreats tucked away in one of Coloraodo's hidden gems - check out this link.

What creative push would you want from me if you came to a retreat?

Lifelines III: Can Something Come From Nothing? approx. 60" x 60" - by Ricky Tims (2012)

Whoo-hoo! I'm flying high this morning. My quilt, Lifelines III: Can Something Come from Nothing has won first prize at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I'm stunned really! This quilt was so much fun to make. It was total playtime! In addition to the "caveman" (improvisational) piecing, the free motion couching with the Bernina free-motion couching foot worked like a charm. The quilt basically built itself and grew out of spontaneity.

The past couple of years I began playing with inserting long, skinny, "V-shaped" wedges into my patchwork, similar to putting in a gusset only way longer and skinnier than normal. I called these inserts "lifelines" because they reminded me of the lifelines on our palms. In this case, I also wrote a poem and stitched it into the quilting. The lines of a poem can also be called "lifelines" if they have some sort of life message. Here's the poem.

Can something come from nothing?
Can we stop the hands of time?
The road of life moves forward,
And the past is left behind.

Hey everybody! Great news from the Houston International Quilt Show! The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative Auction begins online Thursday, November 1st. Twelve wonderful celebrity quilt artists were asked to create quilts for the event and I am delighted to be one of those.

The quilt is titled Sentinnels at Sunset II: Someone to Watch Over Me. As sunset moves to twilight and then to darkness, vigilant sentinels stand guard. It is a metaphor for those fading away from this world and a tribute to those who care for them on their journey.

You can own one of my original quilts and help fund Alzheimer's research! To become a part of this amazing event please follow this link: www.benefitbidding.com to bid on this quilt. All profits fund Alzheimer's research. Your bid is greatly appreciated and remember -  you only have until November 10th! I might have to bid on this one myself...(wink)...I'm just sayin'.....

I know - it's about time! So many of you have been asking to see the final results of my studio and I appreciate your patience. This year, as you know, I've been GONE GONE GONE and getting a video shot and edited was simply impossible - until now! Here it is...... drum roll please...... ta da!!!! It's so totally cool... I'm just sayin'...

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