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Tuition: for 2020 Retreats - $1099, includes the 5-day workshop, six dinners.

Guest fee $265
(for attending spouses or friends wishing to join us for dinners)

If you wish to bring a paid guest, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after registering online.

Upcoming 2020 Retreats

July 27 - August 1, 2020 - Independent Study Retreat

September 21-26, 2020 - Independent Study Retreat


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A Rhapsody Retreat 
is perfect for those who want to explore original designs within the framework of a trusted formula that will lead to a beautiful legacy quilt. Ricky's Rhapsody quilts are known for being formal and elegant, but many students have created versions that are whimsical or theme-oriented. They are far easier than you might think and you will learn Ricky's methods for double-blanket stitch appliqué and his no-pins precision curved piecing.


Improvisation and Composition 
retreats will have a strong emphasis on design, composition, and originality. An improv retreat means that you come with a blank slate - no idea - no preconceived notions. Early on there are group design exercises, but after that, you will be creating your own project(s) without any pre-planning, drawing, or designing. Your work will evolve each day as you follow the "what-ifs" as they come to mind.

  An Independent Study 
retreat is not a do-your-own-thing retreat. While connecting with one's creative psyche, the workshop also emphasizes design, composition, and originality. It is not encouraged to produce work from a published pattern. In this workshop, planning, drafting, and pursuing methods and ideas are encouraged - but creating improvisationally is acceptable too. It is a week of learning and designing. You will explore your own original ideas while benefiting from Ricky's guidance. Alternatively, you may pursue one of Ricky's methods or techniques to help advance your quilting knowledge and experience. There is a strong emphasis on creativity and the morning talks, round-table discussions, and journaling time is a vital part of the week's agenda.


Ponnie Brinkman Retreat Scholarship

Quilt guilds can nominate an emerging quilter to be the recipient of a tuition-free retreat, plus $500 toward expenses. Click here to learn more.


Quilt Luminarium

The Quilt Show

One Nation Walking Together


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