Our fantastic hostess Michelle Pearson with Handcrafters House here in Perth took us for some sightseeing. One of the destinations was to the Caversham Wildlife Park. I have to say I never thought quilting would lead me to petting a wombat. I'm just sayin'...

Day 2 Caversham

Kaola and guys

Justin and I are making new friends in Western Australia.
Wombatkissing friends
Actually I'm making VERY good friends in Western Australia!!

peacock koalas

G'day Mates!

I have arrived in Perth Australia for the first stop on this 18 day teaching tour. The long flight was made easier because it was first class.  No, I didn't have a first class seat but Quantas airlines is totally first class all the way.

Being jet lagged didn't stop us from seeing the city! The trees in King's Park were amazing as were the views of Perth and the Swan River. We are staying outside of Perth at a golf resort where the kangaroos are so abundant they are hard to distinguish from the golfers! I'm just saying'....

King' Park trees!

Let's DanceGrandpa Roo

We have just completed our September 2012 quilt retreat which accommodated ten awesome students. Eight of the ten were first time attendees. Here are some highlights of the week and some photos of a few of the projects that got underway.

If you would like to attend a retreat with me in La Veta, we have openings in January and March of 2013. Don't let those months scare you off - we have wonderful things planned during our winter months. Ah, fireside quilting! Retreat info is found here.

Let's see... five days of quilting, creativity, amazing food, new friends... who wouldn't want to come to retreat? I'm just sayin'...

A beautiful Montana full moon rises over the mountain.

I'm home from a short four day trip. We flew into Bozeman and taped two shows at the Main Street Quilting Company - wow! What a GREAT shop! If you are in Bozeman, you must look it up!

After taping in Bozeman we drove down to the Nine Circle Quarter Ranch. It's a dude ranch with horseback riding, fishing, and in our case - a quilt retreat. The retreat was led by Charlotte Warr Anderson and Georgia Bonesteel. This was their 16th year doing the quilt retreat at the ranch. We sure appreciated all the hospitality during the trip.

Music on the front porch. Rocking chairs for mountain relaxation!

Justin tries his hand at roping. You'll have to watch the show next year to find out what he roped... I'm just sayin'...

In case you are wondering why I named this quilt Montana Star (and you probably aren't), it's because I'm teaching this version of Lone Star as a project on The Quilt Show.com. We are taping four shows this weekend in Montana. The name just seemed logical. As far as the quilting, I did it on the Gammill (which is still new to me). It looks good in the photo, but trust me, I still have a lot to learn.

In other news, I left my iPhone in the car this afternoon and when I finally realized it, it had a "temperature warning" message. It basically wouldn't let me use it until it cooled down. So while I prepared a snack I put my iPhone in the freezer. Of course I only meant to leave it there for 5 minutes, but....yes... you guessed it... I forgot and left it there for almost an hour! Today I have put it through both extremes and we can all celebrate because it's working just fine. I'm sure you are relieved to know that...I'm just sayin'...

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