Rocklin Seminar

We had a wonderful quilt seminar in Rocklin,California with about 650 attending making it our second largest super quiltseminar ever! Whoo-hoo! Many thanks to the Foothills Quilters guild who enlistedvolunteers and to Colleen Voet who started this ball rolling in 2006 and stuckwith us for four years.

Everyone who attends the seminars attend all thesessions. There is no sewing, no class selection, just intense learning and aLOT of fun.

As always, thank you Bernina of America for thesupport and hat’s off to Meissner’s Sewing Center for providing a beautiful 830for the stage.

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lifelines 1Lifelines I, 20" x 20" - Ricky Tims (2010)

The little quilt above was born out of samples I created in my recent retreats. The sharp spikes are set in seams, not applique. I like the way this turned out and I got many suggestions for names. Many folks seemed to think it reminded them of clothes on a line. Others saw an elephant. Some of the suggestions were specific titles for this particular quilt, but I see this as the start of s series so I wanted a name that I could tack on a roman numeral. So the clothesline got me thinking and while I diverged from the suggestion I have settled on Lifelines - like the unique ones on our hands. Titles are always intriguing to me. Do you ever struggle with titles? 

Here's my new little quilt. It came about as a result of a hand-dyed mono-print sample I made while teaching mono-prints in a dye class. After the sample was washed I found it intriguing and after looking at it for a few days I began seeing it as a background for a village of teepees with smoke rising. I had many suggestions as to what to name this quilt. In the end, I researched Native American words. The name Awendela means "daylight" or "morning." Since I have had teepees on my mind (see previous posts) it should be obvious why this quilt was born. It's not earth-shattering, but it was fun to make.


Now that Little Bear has been revealed, there is still a bit of mystery about Big Bear. Some of you have guessed it to be a medicine hut or a sweat lodge. This video shows a new element - the fire pit - being built. Stay tuned.

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