Well, I'm embarking on a remodel that will convert an oversized, two-car garage into a quilting studio and office space. What suggestions do you have for things I MUST be sure to include to keep me better organized?

Our Quad Cities Super Quilt Seminar has ends with a huge WHOO-HOO shout out to the Mississippi Valley Quilters Guild and their volunteers (bedecked in pink sequin cowboy hats) for a job well done! Almost 450 quilters experienced this unique event which is designed to inspire quilters of all sorts - beginning to advanced, traditional to contemporary.

Upcoming seminars will be held in Asheville, North Carolina and New Orleans, Louisiana. Do you wish we would bring the seminar to your area? Well, we only go where we are invited. Get information about how to bring a seminar to your area by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ellen says, "The Super Seminar was exactly that....SUPER!!!!"

Gloria says, "Thank You! You have once again "touched" our lives."

Melinda says, "YOU and the whole staff were wonderful - best quilting experience ever!!"

Paula says, "So sad for this great seminar coming to an end. After looking forward to this for so long it went by way too quickly. Thank you for all the inspiration, education and entertainment. We truly enjoyed every minute of it!!"

Robin says, "This has been an amazing weekend for me..thank you so much! "

The following video is from the Legacy Choir concert at Bass Performance Hall on July 9th, 2011. The song is Stay With Us from Captive and Free by Egil Hovland. CDs and Videos of Legacy Choir will be available in September. 

There are moments in life that are undeniably unique, inspirational, and memorable. Most of you are aware that I have been involved in a reunion choir comprised of students from my high school acapella choir between the years of 1961 and 1993. Those were the years (32 of them) that Donald B. Cowan directed the choral program at S. H. Rider High School in Wichita Falls, TX. 

Through Facebook, a reunion began, and the seeds for singing together with our beloved director were planted. The vision became a reality. The Donald B. Cowan Legacy Choir performed in Wichita Falls, TX on June 25th and again this past Saturday evening, July 9th, at Bass Performance Hall in Ft. Worth, TX. Singers from across the country assembled once a month to rehearse and the final performance left us all exhilerated and inspired. I can only wish every person reading this has had, or will have, a red-letter day such as this in their own lives. 

The commitment I made to serve Legacy Choir as president and tenor section leader has taken away from time I use for other ongoing responsibilities, but for me, this event was an opportunity to pay back a debt. I was given so much by my musical mentors during my formative years and this was my chance to show my appreciation. 

I composed Prayer of St. Francis, an eight part piece that was premiered at both concerts. It was one of the greatest honors in my life to have such an amazing choir sing my composition - but even more of a blessed moment to know that those singing were my peers.

The review out today had this to say: "glorious in their delivery" - "resplendent" - "stunning" - "reverent and powerful"

Please take a moment to read the entire review in the Times Record News.

Once the CDs are available, I'll let you know. Expect Septemberish.

tql cover

 has selected The Quilt Life as one if its Top 10 Magazines of 2010! Here's what they had to say:

"Here's a magazine from the American Quilter's Society for those with the "disease" (the editor's words, not ours!) Creative and executive directors Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson lead readers through all aspects of creating, enjoying, and collecting quilts. The Quilt Life has a diversity of well-illustrated content that's sure to interest both beginning and expert quilters and quilt lovers!" Whoo-Hoo! 

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