I leave today for the Ricky Tims' Whoo-hoo Nation World Tour! I am currently sitting at the Denver International Airport having a bite to eat at Panda Express before passing through security. Keep checking back here to see what I might be up to over the next 57 days. Is that close enough to say "two months?"

Next stop - Aschaffenburg, Germany!

Let's here a big Whoo-hoo from quilters worldwide!!

Conversations, by Kevan Lunney, East Brunswick, New Jersey

All That Jazz: Improvisational Quilts, an exhibition of quilts made entirely without pre-planning, is on display now at the Road To Californina show in Ontario, California now through Sunday, January 22, 2012. You can see all of the quilts online in the All That Jazz gallery. To see the name of the artist and read the artist statement, you need to click on View Images, a link located just above the main photo in the gallery.

To see the quilts - click here.

I have put together a photo album of my trip to England over Christmas with Justin and Susan. We enjoyed London, Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Oxord, and spent our last three days back in London. Some of these photos help tell the story and others I like for artistic reasons. Enjoy watching! Click Here.

Butterfly Dreams
by Connie Earin. Original design. 108" x 116"

Ricky Tims Inc. is happy to announce that Connie Earin of Columbia Falls, Montana has been selected as the 2011 Ponnie Brinkman Retreat Scholarship. recipient. Connie receives free tuition and $500 towards her retreat expenses at a quilt retreat in La Veta next year.

Connie was nominated by the Flathead Quilter's Guild. Sarah Robinson, president for Flathead Quilter's Guild states, "Connie completes projects in record time with great perfection. But the best part of this; she shares with the guild her new found knowledge and we all are inspired!"

Congratulations to Connie on being the second to receive this scholarship. Congratulations to all the Ponnie Brinkman Retreat Scholarship finalists.

Connie says about her quilt shown above:

I had so much fun piecing this quilt. I used jelly rolls and made 3-D butterflies that matched to the outer boarder. My first original design and my first use of 3-D. I have only been quilting for the last 2yrs. and thanks to my Mother who said, "Just take one class, if you don't like it, I will quit bugging you to try and become a quilter." Well, she created a whole new me with that first class!

Sway Away, by Diane Melms, Anchorage, Alaska. Part of the 2012 All That Jazz: Improvisational Quilts exhibit.

Quilts have been selected for the All That Jazz: Improvisational Quilts which will be exhibited in January 19-22, 2012 at Road to California. Once the exhibit is on display, I'll also post an online slide show so you can see all of these amazing quilts.

Here is the list of quilts selected for the exhibit. Congratulations!

1. Swoosh, by Carol Moellers, Greene, Iowa
2. BrinkOfSunset, by Hanne-Grete Brink, Narvik, Norway
3. Taking Flight, by Irma Deane, Las Vegas, Nevada
4. Water's Edge 1, by Valerie Maser-Flanagan, Carlisle, Massachusetts
5. Woods Walk, by Valerie Maser-Flanagan, Carlisle, Massachusetts
6. Eucalyptus, by Charlie Petersen, Port Townsend, Washington
7. Encounter, by Shirley Gisi, Colorado Springs, Colorado
8. Phantasmagoria: a diptych, by Sharon Hightower and Mary Pavlovich, Claremont, CA
9. Jazz Dots, by Cecília González, Desedamas, Igualada, Barcelona, Spain
10. KA-POW!, by Maria Shell, Anchorage, Alaska
11. Little Boxes-Silver Lake, Kansas, by Maria Shell, Anchorage, Alaska
12. City Lights, Steamy Nights, Lisa-Marie Sanders, Cocoa Beach, Florida
13. Rococo Riffs, by Libby Lehman, Houston, Texas
14. Scraffito, by Terry Waldron, Anaheim, Calirornia
15. Fields of Honour 2, by Margeeth Swart-Kwestro, Gorinchem, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands
16. Conversations, by Kevan Lunney, East Brunswick, New Jersey
17. Sunset Cinema, by Sheila Frampton-Cooper, Van Nuys, California
18. abstract floral quilt, by Carol Kolf, Sheridan, Wyoming
19. Bold Move, by Diane Melms, Anchorage, Alaska
20. Sway Away, by Diane Melms, Anchorage, Alaska
21. Orange Rhyme, by Ellen Wong, Oakland, California
22. Orchards, Fields, and Streams, by Laura Wasilowski, Elgin, Illinois
23. The Gossip Garden, by Debbie Martinez, Hobart, Indiana
24. Tranquil Passage, by Miriam Ahladas, Ashland, Virginia
25. Piano Rag, by John Flynn, Red Lodge, Montana
26. Days of Wine and Roses, Robin Gausebeck, Rockford, Illinois

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