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Welcome to the new face of RickyTims.com. I hope you will enjoy the new look and new features - such as this - my personal blog. While the LOOK is new, it will take some time to spiffy up all the content - especially the quilt galleries - so be patient while we do that. 

New on the site is a video link as well as a completely revised Online Store. It's sort of like Spring cleaning -only better! Above is a snapshot of the old site for reference. What do you think?

RT on Camel (Large)

I've just returned from teaching at the International Quilt Festival in Dubai. There's a few stories to tell, but first - here's me on a camel.


Okayeveryone. Alex has been busting a button to get over to open herpresents! How gracious and generous you all have been. She's openingyours now. What does she find? And why do you think it is the perfectAlex Anderson gift?

Did you see what I got her? It's in the comments.


Okay everybody - here she comes!


Alexjumps - is stunned and amazed to see so many of you here. She smacks mefor making her think she was coming over to select projects next yearsshows and to finalize an article for The Quilt Life. Nonetheless it'stime to sing happy birthday, make a wish and blow out the candles. Alexcuts the first piece of cake and gasp with delight when she discoverit's...

p.s. Alex's birthday wish is in the comments.

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