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It's the coolest show-and-tell ever! I started this game to help pass the time during our long drives and to keep our travels a bit more entertaining.

In order to get to my seminars (or when we're traveling to trade shows such as Paducah and Houston) we drive (or I should say Justin drives) pulling a trailer filled to the brim with all it takes to produce the event. On my Facebook and Twitter pages I post our route, our current location (usually a mile marker or landmark), and the actual time we passed that marker. Quilter's in our path who are following our progress have the opportunity to estimate what time we will pass them. Send me a message on Facebook that you are making a drive-by quilting attempt so I'll know to be on the lookout for you and can help coordinate our drive-by. You'll need to be on the look out for us.

On the right is a photo of our rig so you'll know what to look for.


Then, get a quilt and head out to the highway to wait for the drive-by. The VERY BEST locations are on overpasses because we can see you from a good distance. Those participating are urged to follow our travel progress closely so they won't have to wait because we stopped for gas or food. However, waiting too long can result in a "drive-by misfire" so plan accordingly. It happens really fast - but it's totally cool!!!

If it all works out, you'll be waving your quilt and we'll be flashing lights and taking photos. I post those photos below for the world to see. If you want to play along be sure to look at our upcoming seminars and their locations. We generally go to Paducah and Houston each year.

We leave from La Veta, Colorado (obviously) and we usually take the most reasonable route to get to our seminar locations. Then on the days prior to the event, start watching my Facebook and Twitter posts. It will take some planning on your part.

On these trips there is usually no stopping except for food or gas and we never know where that will be. We have long days and miles of driving (usually 8-10 hours) so side stops to visit with you - or to visit your favorite quilt shop or restaurant - is simply not possible. The trips are already grueling enough so thanks in advance for understanding.

Successful Drive-by Quilting #10 goes to Valerie Bradley who lives in Tigard, OR. We had been driving all morning from Pendleton, OR in rain and slush, but fortunately just as we were coming into Portland, the weather had improved. There were several overpasses clustered together and they were all on a curve so it was difficult to spot Valerie from a distance. We saw her and her daughter at the last minute, just in time to snap a few fast photos. Success! It's a rush, over in an instant, but always great fun. Congratulations, Valerie and thanks for sharing your quilt!

Valerie says:

Today was so exciting, and the drive-by quilting was so much fun!

This morning when I checked my Facebook updates, I saw that you were going to be passing by my stomping grounds.  Excitedly, I got in touch with you to find out if there was enough time to spring into action and get a drive-by quilting organized... and as luck would have it, there was!

My youngest daughter was in school, but my oldest was home recovering from a bit of stomach upset, so she got to come along with me.  I quickly chose a quilt that I thought would look nice from a highway overpass and we hopped into the car.  We had a bit of dismay as one of the highways I had to take was experiencing a traffic jam, but thankfully it cleared up fairly quickly and we were back up to speed in no time.

We stopped next to a fish-shaped pedestrian bridge not far from where I-84 and I-205 connect.  We were feeling lucky as the temperature was warmer than it had been in previous days, and there was a break in the rain so neither we nor the quilt would get wet.  It seems that we managed to get there just in time, because after we exchanged a few calls and realized how close you were, my daughter and I ran to the bridge and held up the quilt... breathlessly waiting for your car to drive by, honking and flashing your lights.  Only a few minutes later, there you were!  What a thrill that was!  We were both grinning from ear to ear.  :)

About the quilt:

This quilt is the result of a challenge hosted by the online quilting forum I'm a member of.  The challenge coordinator sent each participant a piece of her own hand-dyed fabric to be used in the quilt.  Only a few weeks earlier this same person taught me how to hand dye fabric so I dyed up some coordinating fabrics to use in the rest of the quilt top.  I had always wanted to try my hand at a Mariner's Compass quilt, so I chose the pattern "Pulsar" from Judy Mathieson's book "Mariner's Compass Quilts: Setting A New Course; New Process, New Patterns, New Projects".  The challenge fabric (blue/purple) was used in the big arms of the compass.  My own hand dyes were the pink and orange arms, as well as the border and binding fabrics. I quilted it with my HandiQuilter 16 quilting machine.  To top it all off, my quilt won first place in the challenge!

On this cold and dreary morning Dawn Conyers braved the elements to become Drive-by quilting #9. Beaumont is on the Texas coast and it is rare for the temperatures to dive this low, but she stood in the wind on the overpass at the Majors exit (mile marker 845 on I-10) with the temperature at 35ºF. I can only imagine the chill factor up there! Way to go Dawn! At least you had a quilt to keep you warm! Ha ha.

As an additional note - each time this happens it is a rush that cannot be accurately described. With all the effort to coordinate it, there are only 10-15 seconds where taking the photos are possible. I'm always worried the camera will be out of focus or fail. In addition, zooming in to trying to get a good close-up at 70 miles an hour is challenging. I think it's as much of a rush for me as it is for the quilter.

Dawn says:

What a thrill that was!!!

My husband drove me out the night before so we could scope out a place for me to stand. It was supposed to be one of the coldest days in Beaumont but that did not matter, my heart was pounding with excitement and I was not going to miss my  chance at being a "Drive-By Quilter" for anything. 
I noticed that you were in our neck of the woods and I sprang into action. I sent off an email, posted on Facebook, and waited in anticipation (checking back every 5 minutes) for a response. I hoped I wasn't too late to connect. When I heard from you the excitement began. I went out the night before picking out my spot, where to stand, where to park all being safe and getting the best picture. Was I going to get any sleep that night?
The call came in the morning and you were on your way, out the door I went, I was really early, but like I said I was not going to miss you. Then the call came you only minutes away and I was ready, standing on the overpass, over the guardrail, quilt in hand and under foot since the wind was blowing so hard it 
kept blowing up behind me and filling the quilt like a sail, I was holding tight. Then I saw Justin flashing the lights coming up the freeway and you hanging out the window to take pictures and a wave. I bet people thought we were crazy. 
Then it was over in a split second. As I turned around and stepped back over the rail, there was a car right behind me with the window rolled down. The lady said "what are you doing" and I had to explain. "I was a Quilter and I was now a Drive-By Quilter. Whoo Hoo!!!! She stopped because she thought I might be considering jumping. When I told her no, she said "Praise the Lord". I just want to say "Thanks a billion".

About the quilt:
The quilt I'm holding is titled Passing Fancy. It is a Kim Diehl pattern and it is the donation quilt that the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild of Beaumont is offering at our quilt auction in February. It was constructed by the Happy Scrappers Bee and donated to the guild.  If anyone is interested in attending or chances for the quilt, they can check online or we are on Facebook.

Tina Bowles, left and Kathy Skaggs, right

This drive-by happened en route to Jacksonville, Florida for a super seminar. It is smart for us to stop in Wichita Falls to stay the night with my parents - so we did. Tina Bowles saw my Facebook post about our route and was able to connect with us as we were turning off the main highway within a few miles of my parents house. Tina and her friend Kathy Skaggs live in Burkburnett, TX which is a few miles north of Wichita Falls so they had to make a special effort to make this happen. Congratulations you two!

Tina says:

I was on Facebook & I read the updates & there was Ricky Tims "quilt drive by" coming through Wichita Falls (his hometown). I called my friend Kathy to see if she wanted to do this with me. She said "yes". I was so excited to do this. I sent Ricky messages [on Facebook] & we kept in contact the whole time.
Then I got my  1st "Phone Call from Ricky" that there were in Vernon, Texas. It was freezing & windy (it was well worth it) . I got another phone call (WOO HOO!!) from Ricky updating where they were.?Kathy & I got a few pictures before they got there.. Then we get in the van to get warm. Then he called me (Woo Hoo!) from Iowa Park, Texas and we got out. We had to step on our quilts (to keep them from flying everywhere) the wind was blowing hard.

We recognized the vehicle and saw the flashing lights. They slowed down to take pictures. We Were So EXCITED! Because they were turning, they stopped long enough that I got to take pictures too.
We are looking forward the to next one & many more.
Highly Recommend!!  In any weather...
Tina Bowles & Kathy Skaggs

About the Quilts:
The Traveling Geisha by Valentina (Tina) Bowles - Quilted by Sue Hahn 
This Quilt was originally made for my mother "Dorothy A. Burczyk - 1940-2008".
The idea was to have her to "travel" (be on loan)among family & friends, until everyone has a chance to see her. Mom past away unexpectedly, so now it will be on permanent display at my home.
She has traveled quite a bit.  She has even been to Mexico. I have wonderful quilt bee friends( The Material Girls - Burkburnett/Wichita Falls ) 
that helped me with her.  Thank you my friends.
Amazing Chaos by Kathy Skaggs - Quilted by Dailey Rose Quilting - Tina Bowles
This Quilt was inspired by the book "Convergence Quilts" by Ricky Tims. It was amazingly easy, quick, & fun.  I look forward to  making another project from this book.


Each October Justin and I head down to Texas for International Quilt Market and Festival. It's a trek for sure, but we get to stop along the way to visit family. Sandy had been keeping up with me on Facebook and knew I would be traveling near her so she chimed in. It was a close call because by the time I got her contact information we were less than 5 miles from where she was going to meet us. We were actually talking on the phone when we realized we were coming to the intersection - thus the cell phone in the photo. Way to go Sandy! Welcome to the Drive-by Quilting Club!
Sandy says:
Howdy! That was fun!
Sorry about missing the phone call; I was flying... er... driving down the road to "get there!" <g>
I'm a professional handquilter, w/a quilt on every continent (the internet is a wonderful tool for contacting people). I'm also a Finisher, no UFOs here (worked for years selling things in craft malls, so I trained myself to Finish - can't sell unfinished crafts <g>). I've been quilting for 40+ yrs. Love fabric, love color, love to quilt. And we quilters meet the nicest people! All over the world! Welcome back to Texas; Colorado isn't that far away, or so I'm told by our families who live there; you're still a Texan, it shows in your big, friendly personality. Thanks again for the meet-up; that really was fun. Cheers! 

btw: my license: PT QLTR -- Have Cruiser, will travel, for quilts, fabric, friends... 
Sandy Ellison, Arlington, Tx. - blame it on the Dr.Pepper!
About the quilt:
The blue quilt is Summer Breeze, a hexagon quilt, circa 1995; hand-pieced, hand-quilted, it was my take-along project for a number of months (after I stopped working at the quilt shop in Arlington). I even cut the pieces by scissors- oy! That was The Olden Days of Quilting. 


peggy driveby
On this breezy day Peggy Bass from Independence, MO has joined the Drive-by Quilting Club. She successfully pulled off her drive-by quilting on the Lee's Summit overpass on I70 by getting there early.

Peggy says:

Organizing a quilt drive by is hard work, thank you Ricky and Justin for making this fun event happen.  Ricky and I touched base a couple of times on his way to KC. While waiting for the drive-by two concerned people asked me if I was okay. I guess they thought I was going to jump off the overpass. Heck, I didn't even want to get very close to the edge. Maybe that is why the chain link fence was on the overpass. Let's do it again some day you two.

About the quilt:

The quilt was a guild challenge from MO-KAN long arm guild I belong to here in the Kansas City area. Its name is Foggy Mountain Breakdown, made in January of 2008. It reminds me of Amish designs but it does have some bling. I love the colors!

peggy n quilt

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