Heading to our seminar in Asheville, North Carolina we stopped for the night in Memphis. Dana Lynch hoped she could manage a drive-by, but thought there wouldn't be any overpasses that were not dangerous with traffic. However, as we were leaving the hotel I got a message that she had found an overpass on our route with no on or off ramps so the traffic was minimal.

Dana says: 

The drive-by was so exciting!  I knew Ricky and Justin would be coming around the city of Memphis and be going close to where I work.  I also knew that most of the overpasses were six lanes and impossible to stand on.  I remembered one that was just a crossover, and checked it out early this morning and realized it would be perfect. 


I texted back and forth to Ricky, and and the build-up for this experience is so much fun.  My friend Ms. Patsy went with me to help hold the quilt.  We could not stop laughing as we stood there on the overpass for about ten mintues.  And I can just say it is very windy on those overpasses.  Then we saw the flashing lights, the rush of excitement came, and then it was over......I am so glad I got to do this.

About the quilt:

My quilt is Cesto Di Fiori Rhapsody which means Flower Basket Rhapsody.  I made it in 2007 in a class with Ricky.  It is my favorite quilt EVER and was my first one to design myself and draw the applique.  It is made with Ricky's hand-dyed fabrics and glows beautifully..... So it was just the natural choice to choose it for the drive-by.


Thank you so much, Ricky and Justin, for this experience......I'll never forget it!

Below: Dana and her friend Ms. Patsy holding Cesto Di Flori Rhapsody

The Quilt Show

One Nation Walking Together


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