Wow! We have bagged three Drive-by Quiltings on this trip! Linda Pollard was heading to an exit in Boise and we had problems connecting. However, it turns out she had made other plans. So when I called to say, "Sorry, we missed you," she told me she had changed the loacation and they were east of town. So, it worked out perfectly. Yippee! Each drive-by is not nearly as easy as it might seem. Congratulations Linda, you did it!

Linda says:
Trying to decide which Exit would be best with the least amount of traffic was most challenging.  Getting set up watching for Ricky and Justin, but when they went past and snapped the picture worth every bit of it. What a Rush!Everyone needs to do it once.  Even if their husband tries to cover their head! 

About the quilt:
After several years of visiting AZ in the Winter I found this fabric.  I bought yards and yards without a clue just knowing something Southwest.  I made it in 2005 and entered in Non-judged at the Boise Basin Quilt show.  The blocks are all made from the same fabric and are all original as is the quilt pattern.

The Quilt Show

One Nation Walking Together


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