Ricky Tims' Stable Stuff Poly - 50 sheets 8.5x11 Ricky Tims' versatile, multi-purpose, polyester-based stabilizer... Product #: stable-stuff-sheets Regular price: $11.50 $11.50 Out Of Stock

Ricky Tims' Stable Stuff Poly - 50 sheets 8.5x11

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Price: $11.50

Ricky Tims introduces a versatile, multi-purpose, polyester-based stabilizer called Stable Stuff® Poly. You can tear it away - or not! You can leave it on the underside of your work. If you wet or wash your finished project, Stable Stuff® Poly becomes a fine,soft layer of unnoticeable polyester fibers inside your project. Use Ricky Tims' Stable Stuff Poly for applique', embroidery, foundation piecing, and more. It comes prepackaged in fifty 8.5" x 11" sheets ready to go for use in a copy machine, ink jet printer or laser printer! Guidelines for use are included.

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