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# 3 Pearl Cotton - white

Pearl Cotton for piped bindings


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Binding Miter Tool

Jackie Robinson's Binding Miter Tool as seen on Ricky's Grand Finale DVD.


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Fabric Glue Stick

This fabric glue stick is great for any project that requires a quick, temporary adhesive; but which, will be stitched down later.


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Prairie Pointer Tool (Susan Cleveland)

Make beautiful prairie points in minutes Tool aids in making various size prairie points with folds meeting in the center. Package includes instructions. Perfect tool for the Lizzy Albright Holiday Charm Wreath quilt.


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Ricky Tims Stable Stuff Poly - On Roll 10 yards

NEW! 20" wide x 10 Yards. Ricky Tims' versatile, multi-purpose, polyester-based stabilizer. New product on roll ships first week of May 2023 - pre order here


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Ricky Tims' Stable Stuff Poly - 50 sheets 8.5x11

It's BACK - better than ever! Ricky Tims' versatile, multi-purpose, polyester-based stabilizer - 50 sheet package. New product ships 1st week of May 2023


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Steam a Seam 2

Steam a Seam 2 by the Warm company in 3-yard roll(12” width)


Vanish Water Soluble Thread

Water Soluble Thread


Zirkel Magentic Organizer

Zirkel Magentic Organizer featuring Ricky Tims' Self Potrait Quilt


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