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What Lies Ahead - Print with mat

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This beautiful photo of Fall oak foliage (taken by Ricky Tims) expresses the beauty of a poem that he wrote - What Lies Ahead. It is an inspiration for all and a reminder that the future is not necessarily in our control—and that letting go will bring peace. The outside dimensions of the matted print are 14” x 14”. The poem reads:
Here I began, here I grew, here I was content.
Here I waited, here I watched, here I found purpose.
Here I weathered, here I changed, here I grew old.
I remember the Spring, the Summer sun too, the rain on my face and the crisp morning dew.
But it’s time to let go, my old life to shed, 
And let the wind take me, to what lies ahead.
   —Ricky Tims

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