Hand-Dyed Fabric - Caveman

Hand-Dyed Fabric - Caveman

 Hand-Dyed Fabric - Cavemen 

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Ricky Tims hand-dyed fabrics have a unique suede-like visual texture with a lovely soft hand. Each piece is approximately 44” wide by one yard length. (36"). The fabrics are individually hand-dyed in the USA at the Ricky Tims dye studios.

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Caveman Brites 1 Yard

QUANTITY 1 EQUALS 1 YARD. Caveman Brites are Ricky Tims' most iconic hand-dyed fabric. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, multi-colored fabric. The term "caveman" refers to the fact each piece is serendipitous.


Caveman Twilight

These eye-catching Caveman Twilight fabrics are a new addition to the Ricky Tims range of hand-dyed fabrics. They ooze with a gloriously mystic and ominous mood.


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