Fabric Bundles

Fabric Bundles

    Hand-Dyed Fabric Bundles

Enjoy a selection of Ricky Tims' Hand-Dyed fabric in festive combinations picked to compliment each other.

Select any 5 Hand-Dyed Caveman or Rhapsody fabrics and receive $45 off thru November 28, 2017.  Use the product named "Five Yard Bundle of Hand-Dyed Fabrics" to purchase 5 fabrics and get the discount.

Ricky Tims hand-dyed fabrics have a unique suede-like texture with a lovely soft hand. They are approximately 44” wide. The fabrics are individually hand-dyed in the USA at the Ricky Tims dye studios.  

Click Here to read the Hand-Dyed Fabric Care Instructions

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Wisdom and Courage 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Good Gray-cious, Lichen It a Lot, Bronze Age, Spanish Moss, and Mocha Chiffon

$125.00  $100.00

The Great Hall 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Anchors Away, Turkey Barn, Desert Wind, Cool Cucumber, and Mystic Morning

$125.00  $100.00

Sugar and Spice 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Bordeaux, Mocha Magic, Mocha Mouse, Mocha Chiffon, and Vanilla Bean

$125.00  $100.00

Spell Bound 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Blackberry Cobbler, Red Currant, Wisteria Blossom, Periwinkiedink, and Fire Dragon

$125.00  $100.00

Seaside Serenade 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Cool Cucumber, Caribbean Queen, Blue Suede, Shoes, Coconut Snow Cone, and Sea Maiden

$125.00  $100.00

Powder Puff 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Cotton Candy, Cream-Sickle, Wisteria Blossom, Lemon Tart, and Caveman Multi-Tweeny

$125.00  $100.00

It's Electric 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Two yards Caveman Multi-brite and one yard each of Coconut Snow Cone, Bubble Gum, and Dragons Breath

$125.00  $100.00

Feel the Heat 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Red Hot Mama, Holly Berry, Pink Passion, Cream-Sickle, and Sunflower Power

$125.00  $100.00

Emerald Isle 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Roasted Bell Pepper, Spanish Moss, Ode to Kermit. Cool Cucumber, and Key Lime Pie

$125.00  $100.00

Chocolate Caramel 5-Yd Fabric Bundle

Cinnamon Toast, Sedona Daze, Tangerine Dream, Desert Wind, and Rivendell

$125.00  $100.00

Commercial Over Dye Fabric Bundle

Commerical Over Dyes Fabric Bundle


Harvest Bundle

One and a quarter yards of Ricky Tims' Hand-dyed fall colors


Spring Fling Bundle

One and a half yards of Ricky Tims' Hand-dyed fabric to inspire some April showers and May flowers


Hand-Dyed Gray Trio

One and a half yards of Ricky Tims' Hand-dyed Grays


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