RH402 - Fire Dragon Rhapsody

Price per piece:$25.00
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Our hand-dyed Rhapsody Fabrics are beautiful fabrics whichwork perfectly for Rhapsody Quilts or any other project requiring larger cuts.These yummy fabrics are made from our original secret recipes which remainlocked deep inside the vault of Ricky Tims, Inc. These hand-dyed, 100% cottonfabrics, measure approximately 36" x 45". Each fabric has it's ownunique mottling but the blend of color is accurately reproduced from batch tobatch.

**Ricky Tims, Inc. recommends you wash EACH hand-dyed fabricbefore using.  The hand-dyeing process is a chemical bonding process andas such, each municipality's water system has different chemicals (ie.chlorine, flourine, etc.) added that may cause some un-bonded dye particles torelease.  Our fabrics have been washed twice in hot water and Synthrapoland rinsed twice, but we cannot guarantee that your water will not releasethese un-bonded dye particles.**