Please note that we have a few supplies and hand-dyed fabrics. In addition, we generally have Ricky Tims Stable Stuff (stabilizer), Steam a Seam2 (fusible web), glue sticks, miter tools, an assortment of Superior Threads (Masterpiece, Bottom Line, Fantastico, and Razzle Dazzle.)

Retreat Supplies 

A large plain flannel (or batting) for a design wall. We will provide foam core (4’ x 6’), as a sturdy wall for flannel wall/pinning.

Since each student will be pursuing different ideas, the most difficult aspect of this supply list is directing you as to what kind and how many fabrics to bring. Hopefully you have an idea of what you might like to pursue. Bring fabrics that will be appropriate for that idea. Then bring additional fabrics in case a new source of inspiration finds you altering your plans. If you don't have an idea, just bring a variety of fabrics that you like and Ricky will guide you through a project that is suitable for those fabrics. In the case of the Improvisational Retreat, there is no idea at all at the start - so just bring plenty of fabric.

As far as yardage is concerned, you will have to decide that as well. It is important to bring more than you think you will need. If you are attending a Rhapsody retreat, large yardage (2 yard pieces for borders etc) will be helpful. For Independent Study and Improv retreats, 1/2 yard to 1 yard pieces are helpful as well as fat quarters. It is impossible to tell you exactly how much or what to bring, but it you don't bring it, you won't have it. 

Include in your stash all types of fabrics - solids, prints, bold prints, batiks, stripes, plaids, black and whites, etc. If you are flying, you may choose to mail fabric in advance so you will not have to cart it with you. Our hand-dyed fabrics and Ricky's Red Rooster commercial fabrics will be available for purchase.

Send fabrics and supplies to arrive prior to the first day of class - plan accordingly and allow for delays.

Send supplies to:


Your Name

c/o Ricky Tims - LVQR
105 W. Ryus Ave
La Veta , CO 81055


Your Name

c/o Ricky Tims Inc
PO Box 392
La Veta , CO 81055


Due to Covid situation and lack of daily personal in La Veta, I would recommend shipping USPS - or, if you can send a tracking number, we can plan to have someone check deliveries on the day your package arrives with UPS.

Plexi-glass sewing table extensions are strongly advisable, but please take care in packing this item.

A journaling notebook.

We provide large rotary cutting mats and a 6" x 24" cutting ruler. Any additional rulers you prefer should be brought with you.

Extra Rotary cutter blades - don't get frustrated with nicked blades!

A fusable web of your choice (we generally have Steam a Seam II for purchase)

Freezer paper - it is my choice for full-size drawn designs.

Various threads - neutral gray for most piecing, decorative threads for quilting or embroidery


Paper, cloth, or plastic bag for trimmings
. We provide each table with a waste bin.

Various rulers for cutting - squares too.

Basting spray - if desired

Cotton batting - if you hope to get to the quilting stage of your project.

Sketch pad, pencil, pen, colored markers, pencils, fabric markers.



Graph paper

Masking tape or "painter's tape", and transparent tape.


Ott-light - or other table light if you think you will need additional personal lighting. 

A couple of irons will be provided with large ironing surfaces for perfect pressing. They have been sufficient for our small group during past retreats.

Bring any other helpful item you may need or prefer. You will be creating a "studio" for the week. Have things around you that are useful and comfortable.




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