Most of your week will be spent creating/sewing, getting to know your creative self better. Oh yes, and finding time to relax! Extra-curricular activities are presented depending on time of year and weather. A musical evening with Ricky is standard.


The first group event is a late afternoon gathering/orientation (meet and greet), usually with light snacks and wine at 3:30pm on arrival day, which is the day prior to the first full day of class.

Meals are on your own. Check with your innkeeper for their breakfast offerings.

Each day will begin with a Morning Talk presented by Ricky. Students will be able to find journaling time as well as plenty of sewing time. The classroom is available 24 hours a day during the retreat. Ricky is with the class from 8:30am until 4:30pm each day.

Lunches are on your own and a list of local restaurants are available in the retreat center.

Dinners are on your own and a list of local restaurants are available in the retreat center.

Ricky will be assisting individuals one-on-one and he also be providing demonstrations as needed by the group. These are not scheduled demos. He will alert everyone to the times these will take place. Other than that, you are free to sew, schedule a massage, shop, rest, etc.

Your days will be full and unexpected events happen at each retreat.

Please schedule your travel plans so that you can attend the entire retreat. A retreat participant leaving early disrupts the spirit of unity that is fostered throughout the week. 





Extra-events and little surprises will be offered at various times during the week. The specific times will be established at a later date and a full schedule will be presented upon your arrival.

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