Where is La Veta?
It's located in the South Central part of Colorado; 15 miles southwest of Walsenburg, CO on Hwy 12. It is about an hour from Trinidad, Colorado (to our southeast) and about an hour from Alamosa (to our west). Pueblo, Colorado is about an hour to the north. Colorado Springs  is less than two hours away.

Click the map above for a larger view.

What is the nearest airport?
The Colorado Springs airport is recommended. It is an hour and forty-five minute drive from the Colorado Springs airport to La Veta. The rental car facility is there in the terminal. Most of the drive is on I-25 - an interstate highway in good condition. The Colorado Springs airport is small and very easy to negotiate!

The Denver International Airport is another option. It is a large international airport and negotiating DIA takes a bit more time. The rental car center is away from the airport requiring a shuttle. Also, the drive from Denver to La Veta will take approximately 3 hours depending on traffic.

Should I drive?
If possible, yes! If you fly, you’ll need to rent a car at the airport and drive the rest of the way. You may not need a car very often while in La Veta (all venues are a very short walk from each other), but the surrounding area is beautiful and country drives would be well worth your time while visiting this area. Weekly rentals are usually reasonable, even more so if you share the cost with a friend.

Are sewing machines provided?
Machines are provided only to international participants. You are encouraged to use your own machine. You will be most comfortable and more productive when using a machine that you are familiar with.

We have five BERNINA 350 machines for rent on a first come, first served basis. These machines may be rented for $200 for the five days.

If you are flying, you can ship your machine to us in advance. Alternatively, consider seeing if your machine will fit in a roll-a-board carry-on. Alleviate weight by packing all the accessories in your checked baggage to help eliminate weight. If you are driving, bring your machine with you.

What will the weather be like?
Your guess is as good as ours. La Veta can be unpredictably windy. The weather is diverse all year round. Summers are rarely super hot. Here is a link that we use to get our projected forecasts and see local weather - it's not La Veta, but it is nearby and will be helpful. We love presenting retreats during all seasons. They each have their magical appeal. 

What is there to do for my accompanying guest?
The area is loaded with hiking trails. Trail information can be obtained from the San Isabel National Forest office in La Veta.
Lathrop State Park , located on Hwy 160, is less than a quarter-hour drive from La Veta. The park offers fishing and more hiking opportunities. There is a 9-hole golf course adjacent to the Lathrop State Park as well. Day trips from La Veta include The Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Taos , New Mexico, and The Scenic Highway of Legends (Hwy 12), which became a National Scenic byway in March 2021.

What are my lodging options?



Will my cell phone work?
In most cases your cell phone have sufficient signal.

What is the elevation of La Veta?
La Veta is 7013 feet above sea level. You may feel a bit short of breath until you get accustomed to the altitude, it is rare that you'll experience anything more than that. Drink plenty of water.

How do I cope with the elevation?
Drink water! If you are concerned, get to Colorado a day early and stay in Colorado Springs (elev. 6008) – better yet, stay in Pueblo (elev. 4662). Then come on up to La Veta. If you are driving, the gradual rise in elevation will help you get adjusted. Oh, and did we mention, drink water?

What about dry skin?
Drink water! This is high desert. You’ll dry out on the inside and out. So bring plenty of sun screen and moisturizing lotion. Oh, and did we mention, drink water?

What area attractions should I visit?
The drive to Cuchara (elev. 8600) is a must. It is only 12 miles south, but a charming mountain village. You’ll pass the great dike walls of the Spanish Peaks so have a camera ready. The drive up and over the La Veta pass is also a beautiful drive. We’ll give you specific maps if you want them.

Our local bakery is two doors down, and a must. However, it is not open daily, Check out Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays 7a-2p.

Charlie’s Market will provide you with most anything you might need in the way of grocery items, allergy pills, ice cream and all sorts of other goodies. Local teenagers man the soda bar during our tourist season. During off-season, you may have to wait until someone can get free to scoop it up.

Will shops be open?
With Covid-19 restrictions each shop is different. We will let you know before your retreat which shops and restaurants are open and what is required.  Your presence in La Veta is appreciated by all the merchants. Just remember, La Veta is a small town so seeing all the shops and/or galleries doesn't take much time.

What are the Covid-19 Restrictions for the Retreat Center?

With the ever changing restrictions, this will be determined 2 weeks prior to your arrival so you can prepare. You will be notified of the restrictions then. Ricky is vaccinated fully as of March 11, 2021. 



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