My flight arrived in Frankfurt yesterday and I was met by Anja Pundt who is hosting me for the quilt festival in Ashaffenburg, Germany this weekend. Anja has a quilt shop in Ashaffenburg. I met all the staff (ask me if I remember all the names) and then Anja took me to check into my hotel and then it was time for lunch. After we were greeted with "closed" signs at a couple of restaurants, we decided comfort food would be just fine. It's times like these when a familiar friend can come in handy - LOL.

Last night I enjoyed dinner at the hotel restaurant, but I almost burned the place down. When I was handed my menu (paper), it got too close to the candle and went up in flames. It sure got attention of everyone there. I know how to make an entrance! Germany, I am here!

Today I'm working on getting over the jet lag, but it sure didn't help that I slept in.