albany drive by

Kate Berggren Lasher from Albany managed to make it to an overpass on I90. She even went early and scouted out the location so she could send me a message with the exact details.

Kate says:

In the photo below I am with Dirk..our golden retriever, who helped me scout out the Drive-By location. I was opening up The Quilt Show, like I do every Tuesday and there was a message and a picture about "Drive-By" Quilting. "Good morning Buffalo", Ricky posted.. So..being that I live in Albany, NY and it's certainly on the way to the Cape(Hyannis). I started sending private messages on facebook to contact Ricky and Justin.

Here's a little back story. Three weeks ago, my sister and I went to another taping of The Quilt Show, in Boulder CO. Had fun, laughed, got inspired, won prizes for coming the furthest, gave a pirate themed present to Alex. Heard ALL about Lady Gaga...So, I feel as though I have a true connection with Ricky & Justin.. at this point so what could be "funner" than being involved with this drive-by?

So, after many messages I finally convinced them to NOT follow the route that their GPS had told them to go - that my way was a bit quicker. By this time they were closer than I thought.  

I had to get back in my Jeep and get to the overpass on Elliott Road. I kept hitting traffic lights and slow traffic. I was thinking that I wouldn't get there in time - BUT I did! I only had to wait about 5 minutes. I could see pretty far down the highway, and then I saw them coming with lights a-flashing.They didn't really slow down...but I saw Justin waving form the window. Nice rig guys!

I didn't have my camera with me because I thought I might drop it, since I was holding the quilt. The experience was awesome. I know it doesn't sound too exciting...BUT..if you are anywhere near their travel route, get out there, wave and get your own drive-by quilting! It goes to show you how SMALL this world really is. 

About the quilt:

This is my first bed quilt that I made after doing a few art quilts. The corners have applique stars. The stripes along the quilt are all3x6 rectangles of Red/Blue/Greens/Yellows/Purples/Oranges AND the middle row are all STAR fabrics. It was a way to use ALOT of my treasured stash. Simple, yet, time consuming. I had to get emergency swatches from my sister to have each row the same amount. (20 x 7) - that's 140 different fabrics. Oh..some are also from clothes/things my mom made us as little girls. So, it is also a Memory Quilt of sorts - for me at least.

Have I gone on long enough about this DRIVE-By event? Ricky gave me a call later to talk about the experience. Crazy as it was. It will be in my soul for a long time. Whoo Hoo!!! He told me I would talking about it for the next 10 years. I think he's right.