drive-by pembroke

Penny Marble and hubby Charlie managed to connect with us on I-90 east of Buffalo, NY at Pembroke. On the left Charlie is holding a Kool Kaleidoscope called Celebration and the quilt that Penny is holding a Jenny Beyer Design called Brilliance.

Penny says:

Typically, on Tuesday morning, I go to physical therapy (for a recent hip replacement).  But, when I heard that you would be driving through my backyard on your way to the seminar, I knew I had to participate in the drive by.  So, I dragged my darling hubby, Charlie, out of the house bright and early, telling him we had to go hang quilts off the side of the thruway overpass. Surprisingly, he had little reaction - I guess after being married to me for 31 years, he's used to my craziness! 

We were able to coordinate the timing rather well! Standing on the bridge over the thruway, we got honks from a couple of big rigs while we were waiting. Then Charlie spotted the white trailer - then the flashing headlights. We unfurled the quilts - the one I'm holding (right) is a Jinny Beyer design called Brilliance. This is one of my favorite quilts. The one that Charlie is holding (left) is a Kool Kaleidoscope named Celebration.  Celebration was made with the intention of being a Project Linus quilt, but it has taken on a life of it's own. It will be in Ricky's Kool Kaldidoscope Quilt book (fall 2010), and had to take a trip to La Veta all by itself to be photographed. I just had to bring it out again for the drive by.    

All I kept thinking while we were out there was "Don't drop the quilts on the thruway!"  =)

penny charlie Penny and hubby, Charlie

kaleidoscope Celebration, by Penny Marble

brilliance Brilliance, by Penny Marble