the beat goes on

Most of you know (and some may not know) that I had quadruple heart bypass surgery in April 2000 - at the age of 44. As you might expect, it was a turning point in my life and career. Shortly after that surgery (within 2 months) I had moved away from St. Louis (miss you guys) and found myself in Colorado (love it)! The stress test I took 10 years ago was a horrible experience - actually, beyond horrible. Well, of course it was awful because, as it turned out, I had two 90% blockages, an 80% and a 70%. I hope I never have to re-live that experience.

After ten years I began having worries and concerns that the problem would be creeping up on me again - so it was time to bite the bullet and do the thing I dreaded most - another stress test. Without going into all the details, I'm happy to report that the doc gave me 100%, A+, nothing even minor to be concerned about. So happy dance and celebrate with me. Looks like you'll have my mug around for a few more years.

The quilt above, The Beat Goes On, was made the week following my heart bypass in 2000. Now, I think it's time to make, The Beat Goes On II.

I am thankful that the beat goes on!


The on the first afternoon-evening of my Dubai Trip (February 17, 2010) I was treated to a Desert Safari. It begins with Dune Bashing. Just imagine a wild roller coaster and not getting off for about 30 minutes.

Take a look at this "groundbreaking" video. You might have to let the page load for a minute or so before this will play (click the play arrow). Does anyone else think Autumn Rock (last image on video and previous blog pic) looks like a circus bear on it's back juggling an imaginary ball?

autumn rock and ricky timsbreaking ground

A new, very cool project is underway. I don't want to get anyone TOO excited, so I'll say, no, it's not the Autumn Rock house. However, it is happening at Autumn Rock and I hope you'll follow me over the next few weeks to see what it is. This photo was taken on Thursday morning, May 14. Any guesses as to the nature of this project? Stay tuned to watch the progress.

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The Quilt Show

One Nation Walking Together


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